Performs in challenging environmts like steam and hot air

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Advanced Engineering Plastics>

400 F

Select Brand Name (i.e. Duratron®)Acetron GP (Acetal)Acetron GP Black (Acetal)Borotron HDPECanvas Phenolic (CE)DelrinDelrin AF BlendDelrin BlackDuratron CU60 PBIDuratron D7000 PIDuratron T4203 PAIDuratron T4301 PAIDuratron T5030 PAIDuratron T5530 PAIDuratron T7130 PAIDuratron U1000 PEIDuratron U1000 PEI BlackDuratron U2300 PEIEnsinger DELRINEnsinger DELRIN 527Ensinger DELRIN 570Ensinger DELRIN AFEnsinger DELRIN BlackErtalyte PET-PErtalyte PET-P BlackErtalyte TX PET-PFluorosint 207Fluorosint 500Fluorosint HPVGlass Expoxy Phenolic (G-10FR4)Glass Melamine Phenolic (G-9)Glass Silicone Phenolic (G-7)High Temp Glass Epoxy (G-11)HYDEL PC-7HYDEL PEI-7HYDEX 4101HYDEX 4101 BlackHYDEX 4101LHYDLAR ZKel-F PCTFEKetron 1000 PEEKKetron GF30 PEEKKetron HPV PEEKLinen Phenolic (LE)Nylatron 4.6Nylatron 703XLNylatron GF30Nylatron GSNylatron GSMNylatron GSM BlueNylatron LFGNylatron LIGNylatron MC901Nylatron MC907Nylatron NSMNylon 101Nylon 101 BlackPaper Phenolic (XXX)Proteus PPPTFEQuadrant HDPE PRSD FinishQuadrant HDPE Sanalite FinishQuadrant HDPE Smooth FinishQuadrant LDPEQuadrant PC 1000Quadrant PPSUQuadrant PPSU BlackQuadrant PSU 1000Quadrant PVCRexolite 1422Rexolite 2200Semitron CMP LL5 PolyesterSemitron ESd 225Semitron ESd 410c PEISemitron ESd 420 PEISemitron ESd 420V PEISemitron ESd 480 PEEKSemitron ESd 490HR PEEKSemitron ESd 500HR PTFESemitron ESd 520HR PAISemitron GC-100Semitron MDS 100Semitron MP 370Symalit PVDFTECAFINE HDPETECAFINE PPTECAFLONTECAFORMTECAFORM AHIDTECAFORM BlackTECAFORM FG BlueTECAFORM HPV13TECAFORM MTTECAFORM SDTECAFORM UD BlueTECAMID 66TECAMID 66 BlackTECAMID GF30TECAMID MDSTECANATTECANAT BlackTECANAT GF20TECANYLTECANYL MTTECAPEEKTECAPEEK CF30TECAPEEK GF30TECAPEEK PVXTECAPEEK STTECAPEITECAPEI BlackTECAPEI GF30TECAPETTECAPRO MTTECARAN ABSTECARAN ABS BlackTECASINT 2011TECASINT 2021TECASON PTECASON P® MTTECASON STECAST 6PATECAST 6PAMTECATOR 5013TECATOR 5031TECATRONTECATRON GF40TECATRON PVXTechtron HPV PPSTechtron PPSTIVAR 1000TIVAR 1000 BlackTIVAR 88TIVAR 88 ESdTIVAR 88-2TIVAR 88-2 ESdTIVAR CleanStatTIVAR DrySlideTIVAR ECOTIVAR ESdTIVAR H.O.T.TIVAR MDTIVAR Oil-FilledTIVAR PolySteelTIVAR UV ResistantTorlon 4203Torlon 4301Torlon 5030Vespel SP-1Vespel SP-21Vespel SP-211

ChemicalElectrical and SemiconductorFood ProcessingIndustrialMedical

Better dimensional stability over PTFE

Performs in challenging environments like steam and hot air, non permeability

Similar CLTE of aluminum which can help eliminate fit and clearance problems

The E. Jordan Brookes Company is the oldest operating plastic distributor in the United States and has serviced industry requirements with new generation materials for over 75 years. As a family owned business we stand behind each transaction by pledging our personal assurance of quality and performance. This tradition coupled with our seasoned engineering based sales staff, multi-generational relationships with top tier suppliers, and diverse local product mix makes EJB a valuable partner for your engineered plastics requirements.

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