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Vegan Cheese Pasta Dishes Are The Ultimate Comfort Food

Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltdvegan cheese [longevity live]Vegan cheese pasta dishes are hitting the Instagram foodie world by storm! There are no surprises there though. The reason behind it has to be the comforting nature of vegan cheese sauce. It is just so deliciously cheesy, ultra creamy, and super low in fat and calories.

Even though Veganism is catching on like wildfire worldwide, you dont have to be vegan to enjoy this recipe. In fact, I am not vegan. I was just so intrigued by the fact that you can use vegetables, legumes and nuts to prepare a cheesy like sauce! And this is particularly great for those whod like to spare a few calories and eat more vegetables.

Not only is vegan cheese sauce easy to make. But, it has the ability to get you hooked right after you taste it! Youre going to want to put this creamy vegan cheese sauce over everything.

Its also an amazing alternative for those who struggle with allergies to certain food items. If you need, you can make your vegan cheese sauce entirely dairy, tofu, gluten, and nut free!

Personally, I think this is why tons of these recipes are flooding Instagram. Its like the magical solution to eating your favourite junk foods such as macncheese without feeling bad about it. The added health benefits you get from the additional vegetables are just a bonus!

The best part about it is you can make it on a weeknight. Its kind of like one of those throw-a-bunch-of-ingredients-together-and-see-what-happens recipes. And besides, half the time you dont really think hard about what youre going to prepare for dinner. I dont know about you, but I really dislike the feeling of being ravenous after a busy day with nothing in mind to eat.

And a lot of people get this feeling too, but then resort to a quick and easy pasta dish thats not going to benefit them in any way. So, this is your quick-fix.

Straight after my first try, this became one of my go-to meals on those busy days. Youre probably a bit doubtful about what itll actually taste like. Not another cauliflower-pizza kind of thing again However, this quick vegan cheese sauce has a really similar consistency to a white sauce. Pretty good for a healthy recipe that can be whipped up from the contents you have in your kitchen.

Youll literally be able to get this meal done faster than youll want to spend eating it!

There are other ways you can enjoy vegan cheese sauce, other than serving it with pasta. Thats the beauty of it! You can:

Heck, you can pour yourself a huge bowl of this creamy and ultra velvety vegan cheese sauce and eat it with a spoon. Why not?  Its there to enjoy!

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Aubergine Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltdvegan cheese [longevity live]

Now, of course, there are a few variations that you can make if you need to. This really depends on your health requirements.  Moreover, there are different recipes that use ingredients like cashew nuts, nutritional yeast or (actual) vegan cheese. But, you can choose to prepare it with or without these ingredients and substitute it with another.

For example, you can choose to use nutritional yeast over cashew nut or vegan cheese. However, the ingredient isnt always easy to find and not everyone enjoys it. If youve never heard of nutritional yeast, its something used quite often in vegan cooking because of its addictively cheesy taste.

Just so you know, it does not taste exactly like cheese. It just has a similar flavour.

ups cooked macaroni pasta or preferred vegetables,

Optional pinch turmeric, thyme, rosemary, etc.

Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltd

Take out a large skillet or pan. Heat up the olive oil over medium temperature.

Add the aubergine, salt, and pepper and saut until soft and slightly brown. This should take about 5 minutes.

In a blender or food processor, combine the aubergine, almond milk, garlic, spices, nutritional yeast, paprika and blend until smooth.

Combine the cooked macaroni pasta or vegetables and the vegan cheese sauce in a large saucepan. Heat over medium heat until warmed through, and serve.

Hot sauce obsessed? Then youll be super happy to know that hot sauce might be a fantastic way to heal yourmind and body.

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